Manukau Courier: Groups join to help former prisoners

PARS has recently partnered with Turuki Healthcare Trust to offer improved health services to those in need, and Manukau Courier featured a fantastic piece about the partnership.

Groups join to help former prisoners

Returning to society can be extremely challenging for people who have been in jail.

That’s why Auckland-based PARS (People at Risk Solutions) has partnered with the Turuki Healthcare Trust to offer improved healthcare services to those in need.

PARS works closely with former prisoners, providing mentoring, housing and social services to ensure they have the necessary support and skills to successfully reintegrate into society.

Executive director Tui Ah Loo says the organisation is excited about the collaboration with Turuki.

“Targeted services and support, offered both prior to and following a prisoner’s release, will improve both the health and social outcomes for former prisoners and the whanau,” she says.

Recognising they share both values and clients, PARS and Turuki are now developing a health and wellness service, focusing primarily on Maori and Pasifika clients.

It will address issues including physical and mental health and substance abuse and its solutions will include using whanau, community, employment and housing resources.

Turuki chief executive Te Puea Winiata says they must address the big picture if they want to improve the health of their clients.

“A whanau-centred approach will provide opportunitie for wellbeing and healing and will also support the children and whanau of those involved,” she says.

“Together, we will become innovators in whanau intervention, breaking down the barriers to accessing services and offering support services to whanau.”

Both organisations are committed to a kaupapa Maori and whanau-centred approach with a focus on hauora (holistic wellbeing).

Groups join to help former prisoners