Our organisation —

PARS (People at Risk Solutions) is a Not for Profit incorporated society with more than 100 years’ experience. We deliver a range of specialist services to prisoners, released prisoners, deportees from overseas, at risk youths and their whānau. 

We are widely known for addressing the most difficult barriers, such as stigma, judgment, lack of resources, access and social exclusion, that prevent individuals from successfully reintegrating into their whānau, hapu, iwi and communities.

We are proud to provide tools of empowerment and services that meet the needs of prisoners, released prisoners, deportees, at-risk youth and their whānau. 

Our point of difference is not about how we can ‘fix’ our clients, but how we can support them to realise their full potential, intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually, as individuals and as valued members of their whānau and communities.

Our organisation

Operational overview

Delivery of key reintegration services in the Northern Region from south of the Bombays to the top of the North Island.

Delivery of reintegration support for a specific group of people (have served, or most recent sentence is two years or more) with supported accommodation services, contracted by the Department of Corrections.

Delivery of emergency accommodation for people living in the community and under supervision with Community Probation Services.

Delivery of reintegration services for people deported from overseas, e.g. Australia, contracted by the Department of Corrections.

Delivery of employment support to released prisoners, to achieve sustainable employment in the central Auckland region.

Delivery of tailor-made services for at-risk youth. An innovative approach and response to youth who have experienced the justice pipeline. A dedicated tīkanga, to pathway at-risk youth out of the justice pipeline and into achieving their potential. Fostering resilience, hope and aspirations. Funded by Foundation North.

Delivery of mental health and/or addictions assessment services for clients marginalised from accessing health services in partnership with Turuki Health Care, funded by the Ministry of Health.

Delivering a new and innovative programme called ‘Creating Positive Pathways’, through strategic partner Kāhui Tū Kaha. Together the two organisations bring a wealth of experience and leadership to innovate, in the area of homelessness, with people who have served prison sentences or have come in contact with the criminal justice system.

Delivering services to five prisons in our region:

  • Auckland Region Womens Correctional Facility
  • Auckland Prison (Paremoremo)
  • Mt Eden Correctional Facility
  • Auckland South Correctional Facility (Kohuora)
  • Northern Region Correctional Facility (Nga Wha)

National Administrator for the Child Travel Fund on behalf of Prisoners Aid and Rehabilitation Societies throughout New Zealand and the Salvation Army reintegration service. 

  1. Northland Region Corrections Facility 

  2. Auckland Prison (Paremoremo)

  3. Mt Eden Corrections Facility (MECF)

  4. Auckland South Corrections Facility

  5. Auckland Region Women’s Correction Facility