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PARS provides a range of specialist services to address difficult issues such as stigma, judgment, lack of resources and social exclusions, that prevent successful transition. The PARS team support whānau to lead their own change to be positive and successful for a better future. Our services include:



PARS is committed to social innovation as a way of supporting whānau-led economic growth and entrepreneurship. Our social purpose is driven by the organisation’s values and aims to maximise benefits for the broader community. This is achieved by measurable, social and environmental change as a result of ‘disruptive innovation’. Central to our social innovation planning is the aim of creating opportunities and pathways that contribute to a fair, safe and just community. We have a chance to make a difference. We cannot squander that by perpetuating intergenerational disadvantage.



Our Oranga team works with our clients to manage and minimise harm caused by addictions, substance use and abuse. We provide clinical, professional and cultural approaches to wellness for clients who require support and care with mental health needs. Our clinicians are experienced in working with adult clients and at-risk youth who have been in, or are currently in, the justice system. We create a space that encourages healing and wellness. Our intention is to break down access to healthcare barriers and work with clients to achieve oranga ora. 

Our wider PARS services have a clear health and wellness strategy that supports all clients to enrol in a primary healthcare clinic to receive care through GP services. We also connect clients with any other relevant services and clinics that are identified during our assessment process, to achieve oranga ora.



It is our responsibility to be the kaitiaki - caretakers of our future leaders. We have developed a dedicated space for our rangatahi called - Te Ira

Our way of working is; Oho mai – bring rangatahi and their whānau into PARS – Te Ira whānau. Oho ake – journey with our rangatahi to inspire, aspire and realise potential. Oho atu – puawaitanga the blossoming – our rangatahi are ready to be the kaihoutu of their own waka. Proud – knowing and naming their world. Connected and grounded.

To learn more about our dedicated rangatahi space, visit Te Ira.

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The aim of this service is to deliver a multi-disciplinary approach to working with prisoners who are recently released and/or due for release, people deported back from overseas and youth in the justice system. The service supports clients either directly, or by referring them to appropriate services, to achieve sustainable employment by preparing them for work, to overcome barriers and to access appropriate support and services.


Whānau & Hapori


Child Travel Fund
At PARS, we recognise that whānau - family play an important part in a prisoner's re-integration into their community. When a loved one is imprisoned, it can put extra stresses and extra costs on families. There is often little support and many struggle to visit loved ones as often as they would like.  PARS provide a travel subsidy to help encourage strong family relationships. PARS is also the National Administrator of the Child Travel Fund on behalf of the Prisoners Aid & Rehabilitation Societies throughout New Zealand and the Salvation Army reintegration service.


Some clients have a support network and the social skills to reintegrate into the community. For others it is daunting. The Community Mentoring programme helps released prisoners and people being deported (primarily from Australia) to adjust to life outside prison. It offers one-on-one support, by specially trained volunteers, to help establish support networks, promote healthy decision-making and enhance social skills, and encourages released prisoners to live independently.



Long-term sustainable housing is a challenge for many. This service provides released prisoners, people already released and living in the community and clients deported from overseas, with access to emergency accommodation, supported accommodation and transition to sustainable, long-term accommodation.

We have a range of housing options from single studios, one-bedroom apartments and shared two-bedroom apartments, whānau homes with live-in house leaders, for up to nine residents across wider metropolitan Auckland, extending through to Whangarei and Kaikohe in the far north.



‘He mana te mātauranga – knowledge is powerful’

PARS provides a wraparound navigational service to educational pathways through a range of providers, who contribute to positive transformational changes for our clients by helping them to achieve their aspirations and goals.