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Stories about people affected by deportation

Dropped off with nowhere to go

Harry's* story is a familiar one to the PARS team, who are already supporting at least three deportees each week. His family moved from New Zealand to Australia when he was three and he lived there for over 25 years; despite being Kiwi-born, Harry feels most at home as an Aussie. However, due to his official status as a New Zealander, he was deported back to New Zealand upon release from prison.

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Xavier's story

I was brought up by my Mum and my Aunty. I come from the North. I liked primary school and I liked science. I liked learning about things and being outside playing. 

In my teen years I started to go off the rails a bit. Just doing stupid stuff and getting into alcohol and drugs. I also did some good stuff, I went and completed my NCEA and I have done some training for the building industry. 

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Volunteer: Siilvie

Hola! My name is Siilvie and I am from Brazil. 

I migrated to New Zealand and decided I would like to contribute to the community that has welcomed us so I decided to become a volunteer. I also wanted to use my time while my children are at school in a productive way and to meet new people. 

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Mark's story

Mark and his sister were born in the South Island and adopted by a family who lived in Hamilton where Mark grew up for the first eight years of his life.

As a teenager, Mark began to ‘push the boundaries’ and was in a serious car accident with two of his friends. While in ICU Mark was administered high doses of morphine to alleviate the pain, as a consequence he became severely addicted to the medication.

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