Te Ira —

Not one more generation of disadvantaged children and youth


This call to action summarises our intent to stem the tide of intergenerational cycles of disadvantage.  Just as Dame Whina Cooper did in the 1970s, when she led the land marches and the call for no more land confiscation, and John Rangihau in the 1980s, when he led the reconfiguration of social services and the call for 'not one more child to go into care'; our call to action is 'not one more generation of disadvantaged children and youth', a deliberate response to children and Youth in the Justice Pipeline.

We work with third generation families who are disadvantaged. For some, there are signs that the fourth generation is heading into another cycle of disadvantage.  This is not acceptable. This should not be the destiny of children and youth in Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Who are we?

PARS Incorporated (People at Risk Solutions) and Turuki Health Care Trust, is a collaborative and purposeful response to the 'call to action'. Turuki Health Care Trust is a charitable trust based in Mangere, South Auckland. It specialises in delivering a wide variety of intersectoral services to whānau with multiple and high needs. The decision to come together to create Te Ira was a response to the urgent need to 'change a generation'. Every child deserves to be loved. Every child deserves to feel safe and secure. Every child deserves to be nourished. Every child deserves to have a voice.

PARS–Te Ira has an organisational strategy dedicated to Rangatahi/Youth Services. PARS-Te Ira has a multi-skilled service delivery team that includes, three committed Kairaranga Kaimahi, one Kaihautu and one Pou Hono. Our service delivery framework is a braided approach of multi-faceted interventions.

© Shea Pita & Associates/Manawaroa Ltd

© Shea Pita & Associates/Manawaroa Ltd


Oho mai – Oho ake – Oho atu

Pars – Te Ira over-arching korowai structure.

Oho mai – our fundamental ethos is driven by whānaungatanga, acceptance and inclusivity; our invitation into the PARS–Te Ira whānau. We are the whānau in the absence of whānau. We journey with rangatahi to reclaim their sense of self and re-establish connection with their whānau and tuākiri. This is a promise and well-considered resolution to our at-risk rangatahi. We listen to our rangatahi. We mahitahi with our rangatahi to develop a plan that goes beyond a practical tick-box approach and fosters a moemoea in rangatahi. We remind our rangatahi that they are the taonga of our future and we inspire them to aspire.

Oho ake – the awakening. Our interventions focus on already developed skills and strengths. We acknowledge and understand that every rangatahi that enters our service comes with lived experience, organically cultivated survival skills and we capitalise on these identified skills and strengths to foster decision making, problem solving and daily management. We go a step further to explore tuākiri – identity. Knowing and naming their world. Reconnecting to their whakapapa, hau kainga, ko au te awa – te awa ko au. We take the hand of our rangatahi and their whānau and we develop a plan to actualise unrealised potential. We work with a resilience, strength-based service delivery model called Manawaroa – created by Shea Pita Consultants – to support our mahi tahi with our rangatahi and their whānau. We incorporate, if identified, a well-being plan that addresses any alcohol or drug dependencies and strategies to respond to cognitive impairment, emotional irregularity and/or mental illness.

Oho atu – puawaitanga – the blossoming. As kaitiaki, caretakers, of our rangatahi we prepare them for living beyond our service. We arm them with the necessary tools, strategies and skills to continue their journey in life with confidence. As rangatahi they have their entire lives ahead of them to flourish and continue to grow, learn and develop. We purposefully cultivate a tuakana – teina model of reciprocity. We invite and encourage our rangatahi to maintain an active connection with our PARS-Te Ira whānau and to act as role models for new rangatahi entering our korowai at oho mai.


Our Rangatahi doing mahi that matters.