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PARS relies on the public to volunteer to make a difference.


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PARS koru

Ki te kotahi te kakaho ka whati, Ki te kapuia e kore e whati 
Alone we can be broken. Standing together, we are invincible. 

Change a life, encourage a prisoner, or help a family – volunteer with PARS today! Do you have more to contribute to your community? Volunteering with PARS can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You could help someone while they're still in prison, or transitioning to the community. Or your assistance could make it possible for whānau to visit a family member in prison. Regardless of your age, background, or skills, you can make a difference.

Community Mentor

Becoming a community mentor is all about helping a released prisoner re-adjust to life outside of prison and giving them the tools and support they need to reduce reoffending. Mentors make a huge difference in the lives of released prisoners by:

  • Helping establish networks to support successful return to whanau/community and NZ society
  • Encouraging and supporting released prisoners to navigate their lives independently
  • Being a positive role model for released prisoners and by helping them enhance their social skills
  • Supporting released prisoners with healthy decision-making

whānau Transport

For families of prisoners, there is often very little support and many struggle to visit prisons due to tight budgets, lack of a car or distance of the prison from bus routes. Being available to transport family/whanau members to visit can make a real difference and helps encourage strong family relationships.

Prison Visitor

For long serving prisoners, isolation from family and social exclusion is daunting. Our committed prison visitors help ease the exclusion through developing a constructive link to the outside world by visiting, talking and listening to them. Become a prison visitor to help bridge the gap between prison and the outside world.

Volunteer Assistance

We know that becoming a volunteer can be scary if you feel you’re unprepared or unqualified. PARS will help to prepare you, we’ll provide full support and we’ll be on call any time.

  • We offer full training and ongoing support and encourage you to use it.
  • We provide mileage reimbursement if you're using your own vehicle.
  • We negotiate the time commitment with you individually, so you can help in a way that fits with your lifestyle

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